Lionel Messi’s arrival at Manchester City could pose some serious problems for the Cityzens

Lionel Messi has been linked with Manchester City and he could join the club as a free agent but it is not as easy as it sounds.


Lionel Messi shocked the world when he announced his decision to leave Barcelona at the end of the previous season. Manchester City since then, have been linked with the Argentine and he is tipped to join the former Premier League champions at the end of this season. Having said that, former Manchester City winger Scott Sinclair has warned the Sky Blues about the potential ramifications of a successful Messi transfer, in an interview with Talk Sport.

Kevin de Bruyne has been representing himself in the ongoing contract talks with the former Premier League champions. Though the Belgian is good to go until 2023, an extension is being prepared for the 29-year-old and Kevin, himself, is open to the idea of finishing off his career at the Etihad Stadium. The contract talks are expected to go through smoothly as per Fabrizio Romano but there have been many sources stating that Kevin is unhappy with the new contract that is being offered. It is believed that the problem stands at the wage numbers.

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Lionel Messi is the highest-earning footballer on the planet and the 33-year-old earns a whopping £750,000/week which is almost double what Kevin de Bruyne earns. Should Manchester City promise the Argentine about keeping the same wages, he will become the highest-paid player at Manchester City, should he decide to join the club.

Keeping this in mind, Scott Sinclair said:

“De Bruyne hasn’t even got an agent, he’s acting for himself, which I think is fantastic.

He knows his worth; if you don’t know your worth at 29-years old then you’ve got something wrong.

He probably knows what the ball-park figure is that he wants to be earning; he’ll want to be the top-paid player at the football club.

But what he might’ve said is that he wants to be the top-paid player regardless of who comes in. That’s a problem for City if they’re serious about signing Messi.

De Bruyne’s wages could go up an astronomical amount if he wants to be on bigger wages than Messi.”

Source: Goal

If things do go in that direction, things could go from good to bad real quickly for the Cityzens, financially. Lionel Messi might need to accept a wage-cut and Manchester City might be forced to find a way wherein they keep both, De Bruyne and Messi happy.


Kevin De Bruyne has been the best player for the Sky Blues in the last four years and he deserves to be the highest-paid player on the team. It is only natural for him to feel a bit of discontentment if he is displaced as the highest-earner on the team.