Sergio Aguero Out For The Season?

Manchester City star Sergio Aguero picked up an injury against Burnley which could yet rule him out for the season.

When Ben Mee gave away the penalty against Manchester City by felling Sergio Aguero, the challenge looked almost innocuous. Indeed there was even debate about whether it was a penalty or not.

Yet there was anguish on Aguero’s face as he clutches his knee and as he hobbled off the pitch he exchanged brief words with Manager Pep Guardiola and you did not need to be fluent in Spanish to understand.

At the end of the match, Guardiola intimated he feared the injury to Aguero could be quite serious and at this stage of the season time  for recovery may run out.

Overnight the first noises started to escape from Argentina as ESPN interviewed Sergio’s dad who appeared  to confirm a knee injury and at least several months to recovery.

At lunchtime today, Manchester City issued a statement which appeared to confirm our worst fears. Just as we are about to enter a critical phase of the season, Sergio appears to be ruled out.

Initial scans have seemingly confirmed a knee injury involving the meniscus ligaments and arrangements have been made for Sergio to travel to Barcelona to the see renowned specialist Dr Cugat.

Sergio will travel to Barcelona on Thursday for assessment and if necessary treatment. Recovery times are notoriously difficult to predict but a conservative estimate would be between 5 and 7 weeks.

Such a layoff may give Aguero an outside chance to regain fitness prior to the rescheduled Champions League fixtures but any hopes he may have had to add to his Premier League goal tally will have to wait to next season.

The absence of Aguero for the run in will mean others will get their chance. Gabriel Jesus will have a real opportunity to stake a permanent claim to that strikers role.

Right now though our thoughts are with Sergio and we hope the new he gets from Dr Cugat is positive.

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