New Season: Time For A Fresh Start

There is a righteous clamour and indignation present in much of the media, buoyed by Liverpool fans extoling the virtues of finishing the present season. At the moment that just seems to lack any respect for the  Covid-19 situation, and for Manchester City and most other clubs feels pointless.

Manchester City will finish the 2019/20 Premier League in second place and for most of our history it would be considered a successful season, especially coupled with another thrilling League Cup win.

As a long standing Manchester City fan I have no desire to see our achievements of 2019/20 expunged from the record books because it cements our position as the most successful club in the last decade.

However, the thought of resuming the 2019/20 season after a 2 or 3 month break, just to satisfy TV broadcasters and Liverpool fans seems a chilling and disrespectful solution.

As a fan, I can not believe I would be that interested in a pile of largely meaningless fixtures. The thought of going back to last season – because that is how it feels already – just seems pointless. Why not just play a couple of extra games from 2017/18 whilst we are at it?

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by mounting horror as the global pandemic takes hold. Work continues for some of us in increasingly dire circumstances. Playing out a few games to satisfy broadcasters is no escape from the reality. It is no diversion from the traumas many are facing.

Such an approach is also no “festival of football” which is the phrase coined by Sky TV pundit Gary Neville about how football could come back to unite the nation.

Frankly no one other than Liverpool fans wants to be reminded of last season – of 2019/20, a season paused because continuing it would lead to even more public deaths. When football resumes there will be gaps in the stands. Not just because in their desire for cash and trophies many clubs are happy to play on in empty stadiums.

Sure, give Liverpool a special trophy so they can have their parade, but what we all need is a reset.

No one wants to be reminded of this period. When it is over, what we will all want is a fresh start. A new season. Only that will truly allow us to move on and use football to celebrate the future.


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