Monaco’s Fabinho interested in move to Manchester City

Another day, another rumor linking Monaco as a club Manchester City could raid this summer. This time, it’s right back Fabinho.

According to Sky Sports, Monaco full back Fabinho want to make the switch to Manchester City.

Apparently, after talking with three Premier League giants — City, Manchester United and Arsenal — the 22-year-old Brazilian prefers the Blues as the best of the bunch for a new home.

Well, naturally. This is self-evident.

For those whom it is not, let me explain: Not only is City higher on the table than United and Arsenal, it’s better situated for the future.

Pep Guardiola, as the boss, is the biggest, shiniest lure to footballers across Europe and the world. Incredible success follows him wherever he goes. So does incredible talent. Plus, there’s little doubt the Blues will play Champions League football next year.

More than this, however, both Arsenal and United face lots of uncertainty. It looks like the Gunners will part with Arsene Wenger, as per Sports Illustrated, after years of frustration with under-performance. For this season’s round of disappointment, the north London club is falling out of contention of a title that appeared very much in contention when the year started. It now faces a fight to automatically qualify for next year’s Champions League. Wenger’s contract expires at the end of the campaign — so bye-bye Arsene!

For United, despite bringing in the likes of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrickh Mkhitaryan and Jose Mourinho to preside over it all, the Reds still have a significant chance to miss out on Champions League for the third time in four years. That’s not good for the United’s international brand, as the club continues to reel since Sir Alex Ferguson’s stepping down as manager.

Long story short (forgive me, as it’s hard to pass on trashing other EPL rivals): Of course, Fabinho wants to come to City over those two situations!

The question is whether City really wants him here too. There is a sort of delicious irony about City looking to bolster its back line, a group that conceded three goals in a single leg of the UCL knockout stage, from the squad who permitted five goals in the same defense-addled match.

To his credit, however, Fabinho is young and relatively inexpensive. Sky Sports puts his value at £22 million.

Still, it’s unclear if there is any substantive truth in any of this. The gossip here reportedly comes from Fabinho’s father on a French television program Telefoot, according to Sky Sports. So who knows?

What I do know is City probably can do better this summer.