Fabian Delph’s Ambition In Joining Manchester City Should Be Celebrated

Delph on his way to the Etihad Stadium. (via Manchester City Facebook)
Delph on his way to the Etihad Stadium. (via Manchester City Facebook) /
Delph on his way to the Etihad Stadium. (via Manchester City Facebook)
Delph on his way to the Etihad Stadium. (via Manchester City Facebook) /

Yesterday, Fabian Delph had a change of heart. On July 11th, Delph and Aston Villa released a statement saying Delph was staying at Aston Villa, despite rumours saying otherwise. Just six days later on July 17th, Manchester City officially confirmed their acquisition of Delph from Aston Villa.

The change of heart was unexpected and the manner by which the transfer finally happened was certainly unusual.

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That being said, the transfer itself shows ambition from Delph, and that should be celebrated.

Staying at Aston Villa made sense for Delph. He was the beloved captain who knew the only times he’d be on the bench was for an injury or a red card. His manager, Tim Sherwood, had wild praise for him.

However, Delph ultimately wasn’t going anywhere at Aston Villa.

Being the captain of your club is great. Being a guaranteed starter is also great. What isn’t great, however, is playing for a club that hasn’t finished higher than 15th in the Premier League since the 2010-11 season.

Aston Villa making the UEFA Champions League any time soon is virtually impossible. Finishing high enough in the table to even make the UEFA Europa League also seems highly unlikely. The most Aston Villa could realistically achieve in the near future was what they achieved last year, making a cup final.

It isn’t going to get any better than that at Aston Villa for Delph.

This was made especially clear in recent days, as Aston Villa looks likely to sell their star striker, Christian Benteke to Liverpool. The moved showed a lack of ambition and Delph had every reason to change his mind once Aston Villa made it clear they were not as ambitious as he was.

By joining one of the top clubs in England, Delph is taking a risk, but one that shows his ambition.

Delph is leaving behind his lofty perch at Villa to fight for his place in City’s squad. Delph has already proven all he can prove at Aston Villa, and is ready for a new challenge.

When the season begins, it is unlikely Delph will be in City’s strongest XI. There is nothing to make anyone believe Manuel Pellegrini will favor him over Fernandinho or Yaya Toure at the start of the season.

Delph will look to prove that he is worthy of a starting spot. If he can prove to be better than Fernandinho or Yaya Toure, it will speak volumes about his ability and talent.

Delph will also be presented with an opportunity that Aston Villa couldn’t provide, the Champions League. Delph will get the opportunity to prove himself not only against Chelsea and Arsenal, but against the very best teams that Europe has to offer.

City offers Delph an opportunity to be challenged, and a chance to prove that he deserves a starting spot on one of the best teams in England.

There is a chance that Delph could fail at City. He could end up like Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell, as Englishman who simply couldn’t cut it at a big club.

There is also a chance that Delph could succeed at City and earn a place in the first team. He could win trophies and achieve more than he could’ve dreamed of at Aston Villa.

Delph is going from comfort and security at Aston Villa to uncertainty at City. He is taking a risk, but it is an ambitious risk. It is a risk motivated by the desire to succeed at the highest level possible.

Delph going to City is an ambitious move. Ambition like that should be celebrated.

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