Stevan Jovetic to make way for Paul Pogba?


Reports are emerging that Manchester City forward Steven Jovetic could be offered to Juventus in order to help secure the signature of Paul Pogba.

Jovetic has been linked with various moves this transfer window, but this is the first that displays any clear benefit to Manchester City. The move would obviously entail a lot of money accompanying the Montenegrin, with Paul Pogba valued at anywhere between 60 and 75 million pounds.

If, and it is a big if, Manchester City were able to pull off this transfer they would have secured a very good deal.  Paul Pogba is undoubtedly one of the best young talents in world football at the minute.  The Frenchman has displayed his quality consistently at Juventus, hence the huge price tag.

Pogba would definitely bring more to Manchester City than Jovetic

I have previously argued against letting Jovetic go, not least due to the recent striker injury dilemma.  However, if his departure could gain Manchester City an advantage in the chase to sign Pogba it is a different matter. Pogba would definitely bring more to Manchester City than Jovetic, and that is said with no malice toward Steven.

The competition for Paul Pogba’s signature is fierce. Every big club in Europe has been linked with him in the past year.  The truth is that Pogba could improve any club he moves to.

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In terms of how Pogba would improve Manchester City in particular,  he has frequently been referred to as Yaya Toure’s heir apparent. He obviously shares many qualities with the Ivorian, perhaps without the physicality that Toure brings.  However Pogba’s technical skills and goal scoring ability would more than make up for Toure’s absence.

Essentially this is one of few scenarios in which Jovetic’s departure makes good sense. Juventus are in need of a link up player like Stevan, and this could just give Manchester City the edge in negotiations for Pogba in the summer.

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