#Haaland2024: An attempt to outshine Manchester City?

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The Spanish league and their media seem to have some kind of a ‘grudge’ against Manchester City and they are constantly on the lookout for ways to transcend City in all aspects, especially after the recent acquisition of Erling Haaland. Of course, circulating news is one thing but Tebas’, the Laliga president’s objections against City is what I feel is a little ‘annoying’ and disrespectful to the club.

It is certain that Manchester City was not the only club in the race to sign the Norwegian striker this summer with the likes of Real Madrid were also considering a swoop for him.

The recent allegations against City made by LaLiga and Diario AS going out on the offence with #Haaland2024 are just another attempt to curb their frustrations in a transfer window which they may seem like a ‘failure’. Yes, it is a failure because LaLiga hoped for something big in this window. As Real Madrid ‘failed’ to lure Kylian Mbappe to the Bernabeu after a saga lasting for 5 years or so, LaLiga surely had high expectations as the signing would’ve made the league profit more from the viewership and in all aspects due to the presence of a superstar.

In this article, I will try to answer some conspicuous questions and make sense of the #Haaland2024 propaganda, being spread by Spanish news outlets.

Now here arises a question, so why didn’t Real Madrid make an official move for Erling Haaland?

Owing to the dilapidated financial condition of Barcelona in recent times and the absence of a considerable amount of funds in other LaLiga teams have made Real Madrid a ‘saviour’ of LaLiga – as they are the only team who has the ability to make big signings while maintaining their position in European football and not going downstream in the finance sector.

It is certain that Messi’s departure last season has made the league a ‘bleak’ watch – evident in Javier Tebas’ actions.

However, this season, this was expected to change as Real Madrid were more than ‘confident’ to sign Kylian Mbappe after their long wait. But owing to a lucrative and appealing offer from Paris-saint-Germain, Mbappe preferred to stay at his current club while giving the ‘snub’ to Real Madrid.

During their negotiations with Mbappe, the situation of Haaland was prevailing in the background. It was a time when Los Blancos made the decision of focussing entirely on the Frenchman even after having a few ‘positive’ contacts with Haaland.

If we see the situation from a neutral point of view, where City and Real Madrid compete for Haaland with the same amount of interest, we can say that Real Madrid might have tempted him as he too expressed a desire to play for Real Madrid.

But, as they say, What happens, happens for the best! Real Madrid timely wandered away from Haaland giving him the nod to make the right decision – which is to sign for Man City.

Real’s failure to sign a superstar this summer meant another barren and not ‘hugely-profiting’ season for LaLiga and Javier Tebas, which also played a part in fueling up the news

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