We enjoyed, Pep, but the Premier League title is at risk!

Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

It seems that Manchester City's points drain does not want to stop during the current period, as the team tied again, this time against Tottenham, in a completely dominated match.

Manchester City should have won that match by all possible means and all available possibilities, and what happened is a scenario that only happens once in a thousand.

Before the match, Pep Guardiola came out and asked Manchester City fans to come to the stadium in order to enjoy it, stressing that there would be many goals.

Pep was right, he is a man who knows his opponents well and knows the damage he can do to them, but he probably did not know that he would concede as many goals as he would score.

Every time Pep?

This is the third time in a row that Manchester City has advanced this season in the English Premier League, and then the opponents have tied.

Manchester City has begun to lose the prestige and personality that it enjoyed for years, and that gave it the English Premier League title before, at the expense of the same competitors.

A team that wants to win a league title and defend a historic treble cannot afford to lose its lead like this on most occasions recently.

Speaking of losing the lead, this is not the first time that Manchester City has dropped points against Tottenham, which is the better side in the match.

This was repeated in the match last May, before that in February 2022, and before them in August of the same year.

Defense out of this world

You don't need to be a genius analyst or an experienced football guy to understand from the first moment that Manchester City's defense is clearly struggling.

What was Aki doing on the third goal ball? Did he know he was a defender? Did he know he had to jump? Did he realize he was in a better position than the Tottenham striker?

Leave Aki aside; what was this naivety that Rodri showed in the second goal? How can the scorer of the Champions League final goal make a mistake like that and leave the way open for the Tottenham attack because of one move from Son?

The English Premier League title is in danger

It is true that the points difference is not large and that Manchester City is capable of making a comeback, and the past few years have proven this not once but several times.

But it seems that Manchester City has had enough of trophies; the passion to achieve more has disappeared, and the team needs to renew its motivation.

If this situation continues, both Liverpool and Arsenal will not show mercy to Manchester City, even if the latter’s upcoming matches are somewhat easier.

The bottom line

Manchester City is truly in danger if the current situation continues as it is, and it needs to renew its motivation, as we mentioned previously, and improve its defense immediately.

The life of the English Premier League, despite its length, is short, and it is not possible for a team in it to lose all those points in a row and think about returning to the competition and winning the title.

Therefore, the sooner Pep Guardiola improves his team’s situation and solves its problems, the more chance he has of competing for the title, even if he does not ask about losing two points today and even if his team reached the opponent’s goal several times, including two balls against the post.