Three things Man City's 5-1 victory over Liverpool showed

Manchester City v Liverpool FC  - Barclays Women's Super League
Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Barclays Women's Super League / Naomi Baker/GettyImages

Manchester City met Liverpool in a Women's Super League fixture on Sunday afternoon and claimed three points in a comfortable win, ending 5-1 for the Cityzens.

Leaders Chelsea played Manchester United on the same day, and Lauren James's hat trick secured the win for Chelsea, finishing the game 3-1.

As for Arsenal, they defeated Everton 2-1 after Beth Mead's match-winning goal right before halftime and share the same amount of points as City (25 pts), but the Gunners still remain in third, with Man City sitting in second.

Both Manchester City and Arsenal are just three points behind Chelsea, with Liverpool and United's chances of winning the League now looking almost impossible (both on 18pts). But the top of the table seems so close, guaranteeing fans a very exciting lead-up to the end of the season.

Now, after watching City's display against Liverpool, here are three things that I believe the overall match has shown us for the season going forward.

1. Man City's defence is there biggest weakness

Caitlin Foord, Kerstin Casparij, Jill Roord
Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Barclays Women´s Super League / Paul Harding/GettyImages

While Man City have managed to keep multiple clean sheets throughout the season thus far, you may notice on a few occasions, even if they are comfortable winners of the game, they do tend to concede, such as the goals from Liverpool (5-1) and Everton (4-1) as examples.

My point is that City can avoid adding these goals to the scoreline, and it will be much more costly when they play Arsenal, as they will be in a few week's time in the FA Cup, and Chelsea. Two teams where a 5 or 6-goal victory would be quite improbable compared to the other squads they face.

Therefore, showing that while City can score goals, they also concede them, and when they do meet Arsenal and Chelsea, the one goal they do let in could be the biggest difference in winning a trophy to just missing out.

Man City have met both of the clubs mentioned, drawing 1-1 with current leaders Chelsa and then losing 2-1 to third-placed Arsenal.

My point is that if City are going to go deep into the season with a chance of claiming one of the big honours, then their defense will need improvements.

2. Khadija 'Bunny' Shaw can take this team anywhere she wants

Khadija Shaw
Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Barclays Women's Super League / Visionhaus/GettyImages

The Jamaican striker is now playing her fourth season at Manchester City; last year, she recorded standout statistics, scoring 31 goals in 30 appearances.

Now, the 26-year old currently has played 12 games and has scored a total of 13 goals thus far, also attaining three hat tricks in the process.

Manchester City have a very talented squad, something that's very obvious. They have so much potential for this team to go far, and Bunny Shaw is probably THE player that can take this team anywhere.

Shaw has been going out there and scoring goals for fun recently; her clinicalness and awareness in front of the goals is crucial in these results, taking her opportunities whenever possible.

Now, besides having a star player getting all the goals, City need a secure squad for the complete package, which we know they have, but improvements are vital, as I mentioned, for the defense.

It's impossible not to mention Shaw; her numbers have been incredible thus far, and if she and the team can continue how they have been, there is no doubt in her ability to take Man City really deep into all the competitions this season.

3. Man City's fighting attitude makes them one of the best around

Chloe Kelly
Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Barclays Women's Super League / Naomi Baker/GettyImages

Manchester City's attitude has been remarkable throughout the season, I believe. They have shown that they are capable of achieving many things and being considered major contenders, and one of the biggest reasons behind that is their mindset, which has proven their confidence, strength, and determination.

Gareth Taylor said during a press conference a while ago, "The only team that can stop City is City," which is completely an accurate summary of the club this season.


They are more than capable of winning all the trophies up for grabs, and while many threats such as Chelsea and Arsenal loom, Man City can overcome them.

They have shown an attitude that proves how determined they are to come out on top at the end of the season, as well as their teamwork; they have a great aura around them, and if they can continue with that same mindset, they should be the favorites for this season.