They've eliminated Arsenal, who will City face next in the FA Cup?

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - FA Women's Continental Tyres League Cup Quarter Final
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - FA Women's Continental Tyres League Cup Quarter Final / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

Manchester City have booked their place in the next round of the Women's FA Cup, after defeating Arsenal 1-0 on Sunday afternoon.

Playing two Cup fixtures in a week, City have advanced in both the FA Cup and also the Conti Cup, where they, again, got a 1-0 win to secure their spot in the next round, meeting Tottenham in that match.

In the Conti Cup, they will play Chelsea in the Semi-Final, which will take place in a few weeks time. Another difficult fixture for the Cityzens, who already have a game against Cheelsea upcoming this week in the Women's Super League.

As for the FA Cup, the draw will take place on Monday, the 12th.

The FA Cup remaining teams

1 - Liverpool

2 - Manchester City

3 - Leicester City

4 - Brighton

5 - Tottenham

6 - Everton

7 - Manchester United

8 - Chelsea

A very high chance that City could end up in another major fixture like the previous ones such as the Arsenal one they just completed.

One that City will surely want to avoid is Chelsea, they already have two upcoming games against them in the WSL and then, the Conti Cup semi-final, so that would probably the least prefered option.

They could fidn themselves in another Manchester derby, which Gareth Taylor and the squad might not mind when considering the scores they've achieved against them this season.

As for my personal opinion, there is no club on this list that Man City aren't capable of getting past, they have shown their standard and their quality; which has been immense especially in the last few games.


I would say that Chelsea should be avoided, not because City wouldn't have a chance, they did get a 1-1 draw when they met earlier this season, but overall, they already have the task of playing them twice, it would be best to draw someone else for this one.

Make sure to stay updated for who Manchester City will play in the next round of the FA Cup.