The Latest News of Manchester City Club Today

Manchester City Club: Quick Hits for Today

Manchester City's Away Shirt for the Upcoming Season

A leaked image has surfaced showing Manchester City's away shirt for the 2024-2025 season. The design features black and light green stripes interspersed with small sky blue accents, along with the club logo, brand emblem, and sponsor prominently displayed.

Guardiola Comments on Moyes' Departure from West Ham

The Latest News of Manchester City Club Today
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Pep Guardiola commented on David Moyes' departure from West Ham United following their match on Sunday, the final round of the 2023-2024 Premier League season. Guardiola expressed his admiration for Moyes, describing him as a wonderful person who will return to coaching and not retire. He added that he knows Moyes will give his best effort to win against them on Sunday, their last day at the stadium.

Foden: The Mission Is Not Complete, West Ham Poses a Significant Attacking Threat

The Latest News of Manchester City Club Today
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Manchester City star Phil Foden expressed his concern about the final match of the 2023-2024 English Premier League season, set for Sunday against West Ham United. Foden remarked, "The last day presents a significant challenge, as we've fallen behind several times and had to recover, so it won't be an easy match." He added, "We know the job isn't finished. West Ham poses a serious attacking threat, so we need to stay calm and play our game."

Arteta: We Hope West Ham Helps Us Achieve Our Dream

The Latest News of Manchester City Club Today

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta expressed optimism about winning the English Premier League, hoping West Ham United will provide crucial help by defeating Manchester City in the final round. Arteta emphasized that hope remains alive and stressed the importance of Arsenal focusing on their own challenging match against Everton, demonstrating their superiority to win. He added that they must then hope West Ham has an excellent day to help Arsenal achieve their dream.

The Status of Manchester United's Injured Players for the FA Cup Final

The Latest News of Manchester City Club Today
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Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag revealed the status of Manchester United's injured players concerning their participation against Manchester City in the FA Cup final. Ten Hag stated that Luke Shaw is likely to miss the final due to a setback, while Harry Maguire has a good chance of being fit. He added that the conditions of Varane and Lindelof will be assessed after they resume running on the grass during the current period.