Our Champions League predictions - from club rankings to who will reach the final


As the UEFA Champions League path to London has all been thoroughly planned out, with the quarter-finals and semi-finals all being drawn, take a look at Man City Square's predictions. 

Manchester City will meet Real Madrid for the third season in a row, Harry Kane and Bayern Munich face Premier League leaders ArsenalDortmund and Atletico Madrid will battle it out, and PSG and Barcelona prepare for an exciting encounter. 

The semi-finals will feature matchups of either City/ Real vs Bayern/ Arsenal, and the other would be between Atletico/ Dortmund vs PSG/ Barcelona. 

We can confidently say that the upcoming rounds of the Champions League will have some very exciting fixtures next month. 

Least to most likely to win ranked

8- Dortmund 

7- Paris Saint-Germain 

6- Arsenal 

5- Bayern Munich 

4- Barcelona 

3- Atletico Madrid 

2- Real Madrid 

1- Manchester City 

Funnily enough, I've placed Real Madrid and Manchester City as both first and second, even though one of the two will be leaving the competition in the next round. 

Therefore, it's believed that the winner of the tie will be crowned the champions of the Champions League. 

You may have noticed that Atletico Madrid is a surprising one on the list, having been placed third. Many may not agree with this, but the reasons are purely down to their performance over Inter Milan (who, before elimination, were placed on third), and Atletico Madrid could surprise us. 

Arsenal has done exceptionally well to get to this point, but winning the whole competition seems like quite the stretch. 

Bayern Munich aren't exactly in the best form, but they can perform best when they can. When it comes to winning the whole thing, the confidence isn't pretty high. 

Dortmund winning the Champions League seems a little out of the question; even if they do surpass Atletico Madrid in the QFS, the potential opponents they would face would be favoured over them. 

Fourth is the best place right now for Barcelona, and as for Paris Saint-Germain, the odds won't be too high in their favour. 

Quarter-finals predictions 

(The chosen winners of each game have been underlined)

Real Madrid vs Man City

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid vs Dortmund 

PSG vs Barcelona 

Semi-finals predictions 

Man City vs Bayern Munich 

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona 


Final prediction 

Atletico Madrid vs Man City