Manchester City and Girona in a Real Crisis in the Champions League

One Week Deadline: New Development in the Crisis between Manchester City and Girona in the Champions League

Manchester City and Girona are facing a serious crisis, and three solutions are being considered.

Manchester City and Girona are currently seeking a resolution to the issue of participating in the Champions League, due to their shared ownership. Both clubs have until June 3 to find a solution to avoid complications in the continental competition.

Carlos Hurtado informed "Marca" that the most likely outcome, if a solution isn't found, is that Girona will withdraw from the Champions League to allow Manchester City to participate. However, several solutions are being considered.

Hurtado mentioned three potential options. The first and simplest solution is for one of the clubs to reduce its participation rate, which would likely be Girona due to the ownership situation.

The second option involves creating a commercial structure to manage Girona independently, overseen by UEFA, ensuring decisions are not influenced by the City Group. This option has gained traction recently, as it would allow both clubs to compete without conflict.

According to UEFA rules, if the situation reaches a certain point, a three-level classification system will determine priority. This system would consider various factors, including national federation rankings, potentially favoring England. A similar case occurred with Milan and Toulouse, where UEFA determined the clubs made appropriate decisions to remain competitive. If nothing unusual happens, a similar outcome is expected.

Manchester City and Girona must resolve this issue by June 3. They are expected to have been working on this for several days, and a solution is anticipated within a week. UEFA emphasizes the importance of competitive integrity and is willing to be flexible to maintain respect among clubs. If the issue remains unresolved, Girona will withdraw from the Champions League, allowing Athletic Bilbao to take their place. However, resolving the crisis is currently the most likely scenario.