Man City Women's schedule for the month

Liverpool FC  v Manchester City - Barclays Women´s Super League
Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Barclays Women´s Super League / Jess Hornby/GettyImages

The Women's Super League is almost coming to its end, and despite so little time left of the League, the title winner is still very much unknown, as Manchester City head into this month at the top of the table.

While title rivals Chelsea did miss their WSL fixture over the weekend due to a clash with Arsenal in the League Cup final, which went in favour of the Gunners after an extra-time winner, City's 5-1 win over Liverpool put them three points ahead of Chelsea for the next few weeks.

Of course, the three-point lead isn't a full representation of the League table, as Chelsea will have an extra game to play. However, as the clubs take a break and players go into the international break, the Cityzens will feel a boost of confidence knowing their name is right at the top.

For Man City, there are only four Women's Super League fixtures left, with that also being the only remaining games of their entire season, and with club football on a pause for two weeks, City only have two commitments for this month.

Man City's upcoming schedule

Manchester City vs West Ham - 21st, Sunday at 14:15 (UK)

Bristol City vs Manchester City - 28th, Sunday at 18:45 (UK)

Those will be two of the remaining four fixtures for City to play, with the next two coming next month.

The two games there would realistically be believed to end in three points for City, during their other meetings with the two opponents this season, City claimed a 2-0 win over West Ham and then, a 5-0 victory over Bristol City.

But, the Sky Blues will have to give it their all in those games, even though City will be clear favourites and taking their previous results into account, they will still need to give their best performance of them all and fight during the 90 minutes.

Every point matters now, if City were to fail to win either of these matches, it could be considered the end for their title hopes.


The way this title race is going, it's very possible we could see the winner decided on goal difference. Man City have definitely had their goal-scoring boots on this season, scoring a total of 11 goals in the last three games.

There have been a few instances where they have claimed 1-0 wins, but it's to be remembered these did come over the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

With the remaining opponents, City should really be getting some more high results like they have been, really doing everything they can from their side to secure the WSL title.