How can Man City win the Premier League & Women's Super League? Full guide to each and every possible scenario

Manchester City v Chelsea: Emirates FA Cup Third Round
Manchester City v Chelsea: Emirates FA Cup Third Round / Visionhaus/GettyImages

The final weekend of the Premier League and Women's Super League has arrived, and for Manchester City fans, it will be two days that determine if their men and women's teams will secure their respected League titles. 

Manchester City men's and women's teams have been involved in a dramatic title race throughout the 23/24 season; after being included in a three-sided title race, to now having one opponent stand in their way to triumph. 

Here is your full guide to the upcoming final weekend, and what all different scenarios would mean for both Man City teams. 

Man City Men's side 

For Pep Guardiola's team, they have had the task of competing against the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal, but a few weeks ago saw Liverpool drop out of the race due to a loss to their rivals, Everton

Now, it remains the Gunners whom Man City must surpass in a bid for their historic fourth Premier League title in a row. 

City's final opponent of the PL campaign will be West ham, and for Arsenal, it comes against Everton. 

Erling Haaland, Rodri
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League / Sebastian Frej/MB Media/GettyImages

Current table standings: 

  1. Man City 88 points.
  2. Arsenal 86 points. 

Scenario One - Man City & Arsenal win 

If both clubs were to win their final fixtures, it would take Man City to 91pts and Arsenal to 89pts; therefore the winner would be Manchester City. 

Scenario Two - Man City lose & Arsenal win 

If the Cityzens were to be defeated, while Arsenal picked up three points, it would be the Gunners who would claim the title. 

Scenario three - Man City win and Arsenal lose 

Man City would end up as clear winners if this outcome takes place. 

Scenario Four - Both teams lose or draw 

If by some chance both City and Arsenal fail to earn three points, and either finish their games with either one point each or none; if would be Manchester City would be the happier of the two. 

Scenario Five - Man City wins and Arsenal draw 

A result that would simply go in City's favour. 

Scenario Six - Man City draws and Arsenal wins 

Now, this is what could be quite tricky. If this were to happen, the winner would be decided on goal difference, and currently, the GD is the Gunners on 61 and Man City on 60. 

Obviously, that can/or will change regarding how the games end, but the current statistic is in favour of Arsenal. 

Scenario Seven - Points and GD are equal 

This would be quite the unlikely outcome, but if we were to witness this then the winner would be chosen on goals scored, and there is a four-goal gap right now, with Arsenal on 89 and City on 93. 

Man City Women's side 

Gareth Taylor and the squad have been on quite a whirlwind journey this season; they have had both Arsenal and Chelsea beside them in the race, but Arsenal were unsuccessful in their bid and found their chances of the title no longer possible. 

Now, the race for the title will be settled on the last day of the WSL, and it's the Sky Blues vs the Blues. 

Their final task comes against Aston Villa, and Chelsea's will be a meeting with Manchester United. 

Lauren Hemp, Steph Houghton
Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Barclays Women's Super League / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Current table standings: 

  1. Chelsea 52 points 
  2. Man City 52 points 

Scenario One - Man City and Chelsea win 

A win for both teams would result in an equal accumulation of 55 points, with the title winner being decided on goal difference. 

Currently, GD has the numbers of 47 for Chelsea and 45 for the Cityzens. As mentioned before, this stat can/or will change but right now it's in the favour of Chelsea. 

Scenario Two - Man City wins and Chelsea lose 

If City's rivals Man United are to get another win over the Blues (FA Cup win for United 1-0) and give City a little help, then it would be the Cityzens who lift the trophy. 

Scenario Three - Man City lose and Chelsea wins

Definitely a worse-case result for City, who would miss out on the League if this were to happen. 

Scenario Four - Both teams lose or draw  

Another situation where both teams would be tied on points - again- and would need hope GD is in their favour. 

Scenario Five - Man City wins and Chelsea draw 

A victory for Manchester City. 

Scenario Six - Man City draws and Chelsea wins 

A victory for Chelsea. 

Scenario Seven - Points and GD are equal 

While this is usually the least unlikely outcome, you wouldn't go against thinking that this could actually occur. 

And if it were to, the title winner would be crowned on goals scored and of course, that will change (hopefully) but for now, Chelsea lead the way with 65 goals and City quite behind on 59. 


Whatever happens, we are in for quite an exciting but nerve-wracking weekend for supporters. Will Manchester City win the Premier League or will it be Arsenal who get to celebrate? 

Will Man City do everything they can and be rewarded the Women's Super League? Or will it be a joy for Chelsea? 

WSL final day - Saturday the 18th starts at 15:00 (UK)

PL final day - Sunday, the 19th, starts at 16:00 (UK)