Haaland Under Siege by Spanish Police on His Summer Vacation

"Get Out of the Bar and Show Your ID"
George Wood/GettyImages

Norwegian Erling Haaland, a Manchester City player, was surprised by a raid from Spanish police on a beach in Marbella.

Haaland is currently spending his summer vacation in Marbella and its coasts, which he greatly favors. He is not currently engaged in any football commitments after Manchester City finished the season at the top of the English Premier League, although he failed to lead his national team to a victory in Euro 2024.

The British newspaper "Mirror" revealed that Haaland found himself in an embarrassing situation when Spanish police entered the beach and asked everyone to exit the pool so they could check their identities. This was part of security measures following a series of shooting incidents in the area two months ago.

Haaland had to show his ID after seeing the security forces in riot gear entering the bar where he was sitting, while a helicopter hovered overhead.

A similar raid recently took place at the famous Ocean Beach Club in Puerto Banus, where local police conducted a strict campaign as part of Operation Marbella. Tourists have been advised to be prepared for unscheduled and unexpected raids periodically. Police have stressed that "nothing serious is happening" and that they are merely completing routine inspections.

The incident highlights the heightened security measures in the region, aimed at ensuring safety and preventing any potential disturbances, providing both locals and tourists with a secure environment to enjoy their time in Marbella.