Guardiola Dreamed of Signing Former Juventus Star for Manchester City

Cathrin Mueller/GettyImages

Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci, who currently plays for Union Berlin in Germany, stated that he was close to a move to Manchester City in the English Premier League for a fee of £100 million but chose to stay with Juventus.

Leonardo Bonucci is considered one of the standout defenders who has played in the center-back position over the past 10 years.

Bonucci had caught the attention of the current Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, due to his playing style, which suited the City coach.

The Italian defender mentioned that Manchester City had attempted to sign him in the same year they acquired John Stones for £50 million.

Bonucci spoke about the situation, saying, "In 2016, I was close to moving to Manchester City. They offered almost £100 million to Juventus, but I decided to continue with the club."

He added, "There were talks in 2017 as well, after Juventus put me up for sale. In the end, things had to go this way."

Continuing, he said, "Training under Guardiola would have been a great achievement because he would have improved me, but I can't complain because I won many individual and collective awards alongside the Euros."

He concluded, "I have always let my heart dictate what I do, and that's why I stayed at Juventus."