Guardiola Criticizes Match Schedule While Commending His Players

Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, praised his players after their recent match against Bournemouth in the English Premier League. Manchester City won the game, narrowing the gap with the league leaders Liverpool to just one point. This victory came in the team's sixth match in February, prompting Guardiola to commend his players.

"I adore my team's players because they are exceptional, and they are very good as they play every three days, while Bournemouth had 7 days to prepare for the match, and we always have less than that," said Guardiola in statements to a network.

The Spanish coach added, "Everyone says we play in the English league under the same conditions, but we don't have the same equality because we have many more matches than other teams, and Bournemouth won 3-0 at Old Trafford."

Pep continued, "We demand a lot from our players, but they respond. I know people say they earn a lot of money, but the schedule is honestly more than necessary. But the work must continue, and every time I feel amazed at how we do it."


Guardiola went on to say, "The players are still present and have an amazing personality. They possess great competitiveness even when they are tired. Our fans should be proud of these men."

He concluded his statements by saying, "The last 15 minutes were tough, and people think we should win every game 5-0, but that's not reality. We hope soon to get a week's rest to refresh our minds and legs."