Grealish "Some people paint City's situation the opposite of what it really is"

Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Manchester City winger Jack Grealish commented on his team's return to a winning streak after defeating Luton Town (1-2) on Sunday in the 16th round of the English Premier League.

Grealish said in statements after the match: "I think a lot of people like to talk about City and deal with the situation as if we are in a major crisis, but the truth is we have faced many perfect teams."

He added, "Spurs delivered an amazing performance; Liverpool is leading the table, and we faced Chelsea and Aston Villa away from our home, both of which are teams with the best European records."

"We knew that we needed to stay calm today and get back on the winning path," he concluded.

It's worth noting that City raised their points to 33, occupying the fourth position following a series of winless matches in the previous four rounds.