Girona and City Team Up Against Real Madrid

David Ramos/GettyImages

A report from a Spanish newspaper today revealed a clever maneuver that Girona may resort to in order to deprive Real Madrid of financial gains.

Girona signed Miguel Gutierrez, a left-back from Real Madrid, in the summer of 2022 for 5 million euros, and he quickly integrated into the Catalan team.

Gutierrez scored a powerful goal against Barcelona in the match that Girona won (2-4), securing their position at the top of La Liga.

According to the Spanish network "Relevo," Girona is considering selling Gutierrez in the upcoming winter transfer window. The report explains that Real Madrid can reacquire Gutierrez next summer for 8 million euros, as they retain 50% of his selling rights.

The report added that the player has a release clause in his contract with Girona for 35 million euros at a time when he is receiving interest from major teams in Europe such as Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, which returns to one ownership with Girona.

Girona is inclined to sell the player in January to avoid his return to Real Madrid in the summer for only 8 million euros, aiming to secure a higher financial return.