Eye on the referee, Hopper has put himself in a difficult situation!

James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

The match in the 14th round of the English Premier League between Manchester City and Tottenham witnessed a refereeing controversy due to what Simon Hooper did towards the end of the match.

The result was a tie, with three goals for each team before the ball reached Norwegian Erling Haaland, who was blocked by Emerson Royal.

Haaland got up and completed the attack, and the referee signaled for the resumption of play and the opportunity, but before the ball reached Jack Grealish, he returned and called the foul.

The referee most likely imagined that Grealish was in an offside position or that he would not have a real chance to score, so the opportunity was irrelevant from his point of view, even though the referee did not raise his flag.

Precisely for this reason, Simon had to be a little patient before he stopped the play and showed two cards, one in the face of Emerson for the foul and another in the face of Haaland for his objection to stopping the play.

Haaland left the match angry and translated that anger into a video clip he posted on the X platform of the incident, with a comment in which he marveled at what had happened.