Are these shocking predictions really coming true?


English press reports revealed calculations carried out by a supercomputer in order to determine the final shape of the English Premier League standings.

This came according to what the Sun newspaper reported on BETSiE, as the computer predicted Manchester City would win the league again.

Expectations had Manchester City in first place with an average score of 83 points out of 100,000 predictions and possibilities, and Arsenal came behind it with an average score of 81.5 points, that is, only a point and a half less than the champion, which is a fatal scenario if it comes true.

As for Liverpool, it came in third with 78 points, Newcastle fourth with 74.2 points, Aston Villa fifth, and Chelsea, Tottenham, Brighton and Brentford in sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth places, respectively.

The surprise and thunderbolt was the presence of Manchester United in tenth place with 56.6 points. If that happened, it would mean that the Red Devils would finish the tournament in their worst position historically.

It is worth noting that the current English Premier League standings see Arsenal at the top, followed by Liverpool and Manchester City in the first three places, while Manchester United ranks seventh.