Alvarez evades the trap of Real Madrid and Barcelona


Argentinian star Julian Alvarez, a standout player for Manchester City, has rejected the notion of linking himself to a future transfer to Real Madrid or Barcelona.

When asked if he would consider representing Real Madrid or Barcelona in the future, Alvarez responded, "Honestly, I am very happy at Manchester City. I have been at the club for just over a year, and I feel ecstatic about everything we have achieved."

The Argentine forward added in his statements, "Our current goal is to compete and try to win these titles again."

Alvarez had previously been linked to a move to Real Madrid following the departure of Frenchman Karim Benzema to Al-Nassr last summer.

The striker from Manchester City has been consistently rumored to be considering a move to Barcelona, possibly stepping in as a replacement for the Polish forward Robert Lewandowski.

Julian Alvarez, aged 23, remains committed to Manchester City with a contract extending until the summer of 2028.