Aguero Trusts Manchester City's Innocence in 115 Violations

Qian Jun/MB Media/GettyImages

Sergio Agüero, the legend of Manchester City, trusts in the innocence of his English team, despite being accused of committing 115 financial violations by the English Premier League.

Agüero played 390 matches and scored 260 goals for Manchester City, winning 5 titles in the Premier League and 6 in the League Cup, in addition to one FA Cup.

Agüero stated in an interview, "All I can say is that our achievements as a team, on the field, were accomplished through effort, sportsmanship, and in a fair manner."


The English Premier League announced in February 2023 that it was investigating Manchester City regarding 115 alleged financial violations between 2009 and 2018.

There is already a scheduled hearing for the case, although it is confidential.

An independent committee will have to decide whether Manchester City is guilty or not, and if so, the punishment they will face, which could range from a financial penalty to point deduction or relegation.