A Famous Pizza Restaurant Mocks Manchester City

Peter Dazeley/GettyImages

Manchester City found themselves the subject of mockery from the renowned Domino's Pizza chain following their evasion of Financial Fair Play sanctions, which had repercussions on Nottingham Forest.

On March 18, 2024, the English Premier League levied a four-point deduction on Nottingham Forest for breaching financial fair play regulations, marking them as the second team this season to face penalties after Everton.

Taking to the "X" platform, the official Domino's Pizza account took a jab at Manchester City's avoidance of punishment, humorously stating, "While points get deducted in the English Premier League, we'll still deliver to the Etihad Stadium."

Calls for sanctions against Manchester City echoed those imposed on Nottingham and Everton for their financial fair play transgressions, with some voices advocating for the English club's relegation and the stripping of recent titles.


Manchester City's position in the league standings adds an additional layer of scrutiny to the situation, with the tight competition at the top intensifying the focus on any potential advantage gained through financial improprieties. As the debate rages on regarding the appropriate response to their alleged breaches, Manchester City must navigate not only the on-field challenges but also the broader implications for their reputation and standing within the football community.

Manchester City currently holds third place in the English Premier League standings, amassing 63 points, trailing behind leaders Arsenal and Liverpool by a single point.