A double helping of Chelsea has given two very different outcomes

Manchester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Manchester City v Chelsea FC - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Manchester City's Men's and Women's teams played Chelsea over the weekend, both games that could be considered highly impactful in regards to the club's title race in the Premier League and the Women's Super League.

Now, here is what both matches have done to the table, and also, take a look at what I think this means for the rest of the season .

Manchester City - Women

Chelsea 0-1 Man City

Okay, the City Women have succeeded in winning against who you would call 'the toughest WSL club to play' and claimed the three points, a massive and very respectable achievement.

Man City have been three points behind Chelsea for a while now, just that margain keeping them away from first place. Now, with that Khadija 'Bunny' Shaw 1-0 victory, City are now sharing first place with Chelsea.

Khadija Shaw
Chelsea FC v Manchester City - Barclays Women's Super League / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

Both sides have accumulated the same points, 34, and even match goal difference, both on 28. It's also to be remembered that Arsenal are only three points behind at this moment, also in contention for the title.

As for Manchester City, they are doing everything and more to keep going this season; they remain in all three Leagues (WSL, FA Cup, Conti League Cup) with the hope of achieving in at least one of these competitions, or even the most special treble.

During their time on the journey to getting where they are in the FA Cup, they did start against Durham, then met Arsenal, which was a game that could have ended either way when it was drawn. Still, the Cityzens did secure a 1-0 win, moving on to the next round, where they will play Tottenham Hotspur for the third time this season.

In the Conti Cup, they were placed in a group which contained Manchester United, Leicester City, Everton and Liverpool. Yes, quite the group, wasn't it? City only lost one group game, which was against Leicester, 2-2 in normal time and ended with a penalty shootout win for the opposition. Man City topped the group and played Tottenham, which City secured a 1-0 victory to continue into the Semi-finals, where they will meet Chelsea. It's an exciting one for the neutrals, but let's be honest, the fans will just be thinking, "Again?!"

But let's focus on the Women's Super League instead of that Semi-final matchup with Chelsea. Manchester City's win on Friday night against Chelsea has put them in a fantastic spot going ahead and really shows that they have a chance to pick up that trophy at the end of the season.

But saying that, this really does mean that City should really win every game from here until the end; any lost points will be costly, as I really can't see Chelsea dropping points against anyone else. Chelsea does have some big fixtures remaining in the WSL, the most noticeable being Arsenal.

But City can't be relying on Chelsea's full-time scores and really need to be getting wins; we know they are more than capable of doing so, but as we've also seen, sometimes it is possible to spring some surprises over them.

For me, Man City really have a chance to win the WSL, but there is a very, very long way to go. Until then, the win over Chelsea will benefit them incredibly as we go forward, but there is a lot of work to do, and Chelsea are still the favourites, in my opinion. Though I do believe Man City have been the superior squad so far.

Manchester City - Men

Man City 1-1 Chelsea

So, it seemed like City would end this game in a defeat to Chelsea, as it took until the 83rd minute for City to find the back of the net and equalise the scoreline through Rodri, which got them one point to add to the table.

Early in the day, Liverpool claimed a 4-1 win over Brentford, keeping them right at the top of the table, and Arsenal got themselves a massive 5-0 win over Burnley, which has put them two points ahead of third-placed City.

So, after that draw, Man City are now four points away from first and two from second. It is not the outcome that would have been preferred, but a point is better than none.

On Tuesday, City will meet Bournemouth, which will be a good chance for City to change things around, but Liverpool will also play on Wednesday against Luton Town.


Now, reading this and looking at the table, you will be thinking this will not end in favour of Man City, and yes, it doesn't look promising for the Cityzens, but despite the rather unsettling table, I still do think that City can win the Premier League.

There is no denying that the results will have to pick up from here on out, and there will be a lot of relying on Liverpool and Arsenal to drop points, and we have seen that happen. Overall, City have more than enough quality to turn this around, and it's become clear by now that City are a team that can never be written off.