Shut up, for the Champions! Is it really City against the world?

As blues, we spent a generation being heckled and mocked, simply for the undying love we had and continue to have for our club, Man City. What used to be banter at our expense, has now however, become darker, sinister, and more mainstream than ever.

The stick we get now, isn’t about our trophy droughts or relegation battles. The venom we read in the media isn’t about how bad we are at football. And the culprits are no longer opposition fans having a dig.

It is becoming increasingly common that the terms “oil money”, “state owned” and “sports washing” are being banded about by rival fans and more shockingly, journalists.

With these snide remarks, there are numerous problematic issues that arise from this new attitude towards Manchester City.

Reporting facts or evidence means remaining balanced, leaving bias at the door, and burying the paranoia that seems to have been adopted by so many in football – though this seems unimportant in today’s world of media.

We are seeing more posts by media representatives like the one below by Alex Truica, a Sports Journalist. Words and views that may have no deeper meaning, are in fact open to interpretation.

Some blues perceive subtle xenophobia and racism to the use of the term “oil money”. If we have a look at the context of how the terms so often associated with Manchester City are used; hissed in a derogatory or insulting way. A way in which to incite feelings of shame and disgrace.

Coining the terms “oil money” and “state owned”, in addition to these being used in a negative way, it also disregards the business acumen of the Man City hierarchy. An incredibly well run, profitable business that has grown to rival the business of the “old establishment members” and gives back so much to the community that allowed it all to take off.

City in the Community were supporting people across Greater Manchester long before we hit the jack pot with rich owners. However, our current owners have continued to carry forward that legacy and helping 20,000 every year.

There continues to be a hypocrisy from those that condemn Man City; the La Liga Chief, Javier Tebas, has recently formally submitted complaints to UEFA for “gut feelings” that Financial Fair Play rules have been breached.

I sometimes have “gut feelings” that I know what the winning lottery numbers will be, though I can assure you, I have never won a single penny.

Not only are Tebas’ claims petty. There is a laughable element of hypocrisy when the financial state of Barcelona FC is considered, and the findings of illegal government funding of certain La Liga giants reported back in 2016.

Finally, we come to the accusatory remarks of “sports washing”. It could be said that sports journalists pandering to a particular set of fans and their somewhat popular views, in an attempt to amend reputation, build relationships and as a nice little perk, hitting more likes and readers to boost revenue.

Or would you argue against that? Though I am sure you understand my point. Pots and kettles. We can all interpret things when we have agendas.

There is evidence that other clubs have had their involvements in questionable actions, and these are glossed over and quickly forgotten about because they are part of the “establishment”, “the old boys”.

On the other hand, Man City and PSG are accused and hung for their sins. A modern day witch hunt. And the most telling thing of all? Newcastle will soon join City and PSG.

One thing I would be mindful of when hurling accusatory insults, is the entourage of powerful Manchester City lawyers that faced off with CAS, because they may be called upon one day. Let you hope that Mr Khaldoon is not as petty as I am.

For now, and forever, it’s City against the world.